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Feeling Trumped. Stimmen zur Stimmung + Filmmakers Unite

Feeling Trumped. Stimmen zur Stimmung + Filmmakers Unite

America first! Truth second? We live with fake news and alternative facts. And one man recreates the world the way he sees fit. Around a year ago, on 8 November, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America. Half the world is holding its breath. How does one work as an artist with Trump in power? Jay Rosenblatt, to whom this year’s homage is dedicated, is only one of several filmmakers to have confronted this question. The omnibus film “Filmmakers Unite” has come about as a result. Documentary films and fiction combine to form a multi-layered panoramic image of the USA.

Journalist Knut Elstermann will be in conversation with Jay Rosenblatt, touching on his art, his work as programme director of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, the anthology film **Filmmakers Unite** and Trump himself. What exactly drove the artists to make the film and what do they want to show?

The talk is followed by the screening of “Filmmakers Unite” and a Q&A session

In cooperation with MDR Kultur.
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